Allisonanne Studios had the opportunity to have an interview with RVN TV, “It’s All About Mindset.”

Chantelle Fitzgerald is a mindfulness & emotional intelligence trainer whose show “It’s All About Mindset” on RVN TV focuses on imparting vaoeluable career tips & tricks from industry leaders. Chantelle invited Allison Gallagher to discuss her journey & challenges that she has overcome as a successful entrepreneur in the photography field.

Check out this video to learn how Allison has evolved into the artist & passion-driven savvy business owner that she is!

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Focusing on Women:  Mama & Me Mini-Sessions Charity Event Benefitting Center for Family Services

Focusing on Women Allisonanne Studios

As I open the doors to my new studio, Allisonanne Studios is excited to announce our Focusing on Women: Mama & Me Mini-Sessions charity event on Friday, April 26 & Sunday, April 28 benefitting Center for Family Services.

It has been so inspirational displaying past clients’ gorgeous prints: I’m so lucky to be surrounded by the best clients who have become friends. I’ve shared so much with so many people, I started thinking how my location is a chance for me to give back, & who better than Center for Family Services.

Center for Family Services has been a force for positive change for almost 100 years!  They are dedicated to improving lives by encouraging families & individuals of all ages to reach their full potential through personalized treatment emphasizing vision, hope, & strength.

I want to warm my new studio with positive intention, so I will be DONATING 100% of the SITTING FEE to CENTER FOR FAMILY SERVICES.  I am personally booking each Mama & Me Mini-Session: call me to personally set an appointment (609) 828-8331.  I will be shooting each Mama & Me Session with the lighting, production, & love that are part of my signature style!

Your COMMEMORATIVE GIFT of the unforgettable experience is a 5×5 metal print from your Mama & Me session!

Invest in a Mother’s Day Gift that will uplift other mothers while preserving your precious moments! Package options are available for photo purchases, including canvas, wood, & large framed prints.

Thanks to our great Sponsors, who are committed to supporting Center for Family Services with their support!  My favorite restaurant Annata Wine Bar will be providing an array of their always delicious, elegant snacks.  Everyone will receive special gift bags from our sponsors to extend the experience!   The gifts of swag from our sponsors include:

The Dance Connection – One month free dance for one child per family

Rejuvenation Day Spa – Anti-Cellulite cream ($130 value)

DiDonato’s Family Fun Center – Free bowling game and shoe rental for the family (up to 6 family members) valued at $53.70 plus a $10 coupon to the Alley Bar & Grille

Solid Training – One month free membership and 4 free training sessions

Alpha Coach Limousine  – $50 gift card to service

Join Allisonanne Studios & Focus on Women, as we work together to build strong families & healthy communities.  This limited-time, charity event is by appointment only, Friday April 26 & Sunday April 28.   Call to set an appointment: (609) 828-8331

Sitting Fee:  $115, 100% Donated to Charity + includes commemorative 5×5 metal print & sponsor gifts.

Allisonanne Studios – 9 Washington Street.  Hammonton, NJ08037

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE:  AAStudios_PressRelease_FocusingWomen


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Tips for DIY photos of your family for christmas!

Allisonannestudios ends up on Fox and friends how did this happen? Well,  because I did a spot last year I am now in their data base and I along with Twisted Oaks get the call now every so often (insert heart eyes emoji)  Lee one of the producers from Fox and Friends emailed me Monday to be on the show, ON TUESDAY MORNING, well life kinda stopped! And even though I had a serious day ahead of me I knew I had to go! How can I not share my tips of photographing your children with the world all while having Julia as my subject! I called my very good friend Jackie, owner of Annata Wine Bar here in Downtown Hammonton to see if she could bring her two littles, Colella and Lily! I have photographed those girls a ton so I knew they were the right fit! So elite limo picked us up at 4am yes 4AM!  Allisonannestudios was off to Fox and Friends!  The girls were giddy the whole 2 hour ride and I apologized to the driver several times for the constant chattering of 3 little mouths so early in the morning lol.  Sandi from Twisted Oaks Studio met us there with her son Luke! As soon as we got there we headed right into make up and hair.  Julia made herself right at home immediately.  I am so thankful for Jackie snapping away as I concentrated on not only getting my set straight but getting Julia calm and ready for the spot!

These girls had a blast!

So the spot on Fox and Friends never went as planned (as television usually doesn’t) but I went with another secret mission.  PLANNERS! If anyone is following my second business venture it is weareladypreneur  so I brought several planners to hand out and when I literally delivered one to ainsley earhardt our host, and she tweeted it,  I about died!!

She was sweet as pie and I just loved her!

 So when we got back to the green room we felt there was reason to celebrate and I am so glad I came prepared with my clicquot 🙂 we toasted all things awesome!

You just never know where life will take you!

Until next time New York City and Fox and Friends!!! You have my heart <3

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Genevieve was supposed to come in for a newborn session, but Mom thought that it would be best to wait for her to grow a little older. This turned out to be the right decision because this session was epic! Genevieve, her mom, dad, and sister were the first family in my new studio. It was such a fun first experience! Mom, Dad, and big sister were a complete joy to photoshoot along with the beautiful baby girl.

So Much Posing!

One of the best parts about this shoot was getting to know my studio. I love how much space I have to photograph families in. It really gives me the freedom to take amazing photos. The brown chair is from Overstock. I love using Overstock for seating in the studio and for propping.  Along with the gorgeous light that I get in my studio, it gave the photos a very warm, homey atmosphere.

I was able to get both Mom and Dad alone for separate pictures with Genevieve. Genevieve is precious. They both just loved to snuggle her! Capturing these moments is what makes my job great. There is so much love in all of the pictures. Sessions like these really remind me why I love taking newborn and family photos so much. I love being able to create something that they will be able to cherish forever. <3

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Yay for being a MOMPreneur! I couldn’t believe it when out of nowhere one day I received an email saying I was nominated for NJmompreneur of the week from!

what is a mompreneur you ask? Mompreneur is a neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. As defined from wikipedia

Well, actively balancing is open for dispute but I try my best every day to teach my soon-to-be 8 yo that you can have it all. Never settle…EVER, and follow your heart to do what you love. I love what Jim Carey says about his dad.

 “I learned many great lessons from my father. Not the least of which was that: You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

Erika, an editorial assistant for the website sent me a slew of questions about being a mompreneur. When I read through them I immediately was a bit overwhelmed. When would I have time to sit and write about who I am. But also, who actually am I??

mompreneur, hammonton nj, NJMOM, downtown hammonton, allison gallagher

I was so excited to be a part of that I made the time to reflect on and think about the questions that were asked of me. I actually enjoyed all the reflection I did and reliving the inspiration I have had over the years. Resilience and determination are two traits I hope Julia sees glaring at her. I have picked myself up (or others dragged me off the ground!) more time than I care to count. My hope is to always pass that on to others just starting out, especially new moms!!! But there was a lot of mompreneur questions…A LOT!

mompreneur, NJMOM, downtown hammonton, allison gallagher, hammonton nj

Yes, I am a professional photographer, I have also created a dayplanner for women entrepreneurs a few years ago which hit a snag and I have paused production (life of a risk taker) but my heart tells me there is much more I will be doing. That I haven’t scratched the surface of who I am or what I will be doing in 5-10 years. It is a scary and confusing feeling but also invigorating at the same time. Taking risk isn’t comfortable at all. It isn’t in my nature and scares the bejesus out of me. But living in complacency is SO uncomfortable that I am pushed to move.


Eventually I did find out who in fact nominated me! Fellow mompreneur Brooke Sacco, bless her heart! She is a council woman and a prominent citizen of Hammonton Nj ( who’s also an owner of vinyl brewing ) had nominated me and I was moved to tears! I try to give good vibes, speak my truth, and always pass on strength and inspire others. I have traveled an interesting road to get to where I am today. Though I feel like my journey is still just beginning, I have lots of experience to pass on at any time 🙂 I always, ALWAYS want to make others feel good and feel that the impossible is simply…well…TOTALLY POSSIBLE. You never know if you are helping, inspiring, or if anyone is paying attention. I am convinced that even in our darkest days when we press on and share hope, people take notice! So keep going!!

Here is the article that was so eloquently written about me. I am truly grateful to NJMOM and to Brooke! You can always read more about me here in my bio!

Read more about here they do the research to help us find resources in New Jersey to make our lives easier and happier!

mompreneur, NJMOM, downtown hammonton, vinyl brewing, brooke sacco, hammonton nj, allison gallagher

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  • July 25, 2019 - 7:43 am

    Kristin - Great post! Proud of you my deserving friend. Sky is the limitReplyCancel

    • July 25, 2019 - 12:34 pm

      admin - THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!!ReplyCancel

My Sweet Friend

When I opened my studio a couple of months ago, I knew that it was going to be one of the most amazing events in my life.  I wanted my first sessions to be meaningful. I love to photograph newborns and wanted the first newborn session in my new studio to be perfect. So, It was only fitting that the first be for a woman that I have been friends with for a giant chunk of my life. I have been friends with this beautiful mommy for 20+ years! Amber has her own business, Amber J Photography, and we have shot many events together! But our friendship goes so much deeper than work. I was ecstatic in the fall when I found out she was pregnant with a baby girl! But then I was reconstructing and moving into the studio we didn’t speak much over winter. Next thing I knew as I was moving my stuff in Amber delivered sweet Emma. Now her new baby would be my first baby in my new amazing space!

Emma Pearl in the Studio

Amber’s baby girl, Emma Pearl, is gorgeous. She is already a spitting image of her dad! She was amazing and absolutely adorable. Lots of smiles and laughter! Amber is wearing a headpiece designed by Petite Boutique, another staple red piece of the shoot. Many of her accessories were made by them but this floral headpiece was especially beautiful and made the photos pop! My incredible floor was provided by Richland Carpet and Flooring, and laid by my one and only (the hub!) P.S. My husband worked so hard in this space to make it perfect for me! When I first saw this floor I knew it would photograph beautifully and with a unique style!

In the end, I found that this session meant so much to me. It felt amazing to have such a good friend to be the subject of the first newborn shoot in my new studio! It really made me appreciate the people in my life who were able to help me make this dream happen. Also that I couldn’t provide an even higher quality session to my special friend filled my heart with joy!

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Ever want to be an Influencer?

Allison is looking for a few outgoing, spirited young women to work with this year to bring her high school senior photography experiences to the class of 2020 and 2021. This will sure to be a unique experience with some really amazing benefits! This is a brand new opportunity with Allisonanne Studios and is limited to only one per school!

Who would make a great Senior Ambassador team member?

Young women that are members of the Class of 2020 and 2021 from any high school in our area, who are responsible, hardworking, and passionate about life. Students that enjoy being photographed, appreciate great photography and love having fun!!

Is this you or someone you know?

Please call the studio Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm for a quick interview


There is no fee to be a Senior Ambassador, and the benefits are pretty awesome!! Spots are limited!

If chosen you will be invited to the studio for a special meeting to discuss all the exciting benefits for being a part of this exclusive team!


9 South Washington St. Hammonton, NJ 08037

check out senior examples here

senior, st joe high schoo, hammonton high school, winslow high school, buena high school, shawnee high school, berlin nj, hammonton nj, senior influencer
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Welcome to Allisonannestudios, my favorite place to be! If we haven’t met yet, my name is Allison Caracciolo-Gallagher, I am an artistic photographer based out of Hammonton, New Jersey. I have been married for 16 years and our daughter, Julia, came along in 2011.  I honestly think that I owe my success to my daughter. Becoming her mother took my work to a whole new level. I literally evolved into an artist who documents love. I exclusively use natural light to capture the true beauty of my subjects.  I do it all- newborns, family, maternity, children, and a limited amount of weddings per year. I custom design our sessions and walk you through each process and at the end you will have beautiful heirlooms of your family to treasure for generations. I am a print artist and specialize in creating art that is designed to be treasured and passed on to your great-great grandchildren. My products are custom and of top quality and they are reflecting my service and overall art that I create. Clients fall in love with this process.

I have been shooting professionally for many years, but 2015 to present have been record years in booking, and I am so grateful.  I want to thank my loyal and diverse clients that have made my time as an artist such a beautiful experience. I am always in awe when my brides return to me as new mothers for a newborn session, then return again for a family session. I feel as though I am part of their extended family. And I bet if you asked them, they would agree! I recently moved into a studio in downtown Hammonton

9 South Washington St. Hammonton NJ 08037

You can read all about the studio following this link

Please feel free to browse my galleries to see some of my proudest work, and thank you so much for stopping by! Come by often because we are updating session information and blogging regularly.  I absolutely LOVE to do work for charities and hold charity events semi annually! Of course you can follow my sessions and announcements throughout the year on my Facebook page allisonannestudios

Thank you to all my clients for trusting me with your most precious gift- your family!

Click here for my blog.




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