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Tips for DIY photos of your family for christmas!

How did allisonannestudios end up on Fox and friends? Well,  because I did a spot last year I am now in their data base and I along with Twisted Oaks get the call now every so often (insert heart eyes emoji)  Lee one of the producers from Fox and Friends emailed me Monday to be on the show, ON TUESDAY MORNING, well life kinda stopped! And even though I had a serious day ahead of me I knew I had to go! How can I not share my tips of photographing your children with the world all while having Julia as my subject! I called my very good friend Jackie, owner of Annata Wine Bar here in Downtown Hammonton to see if she could bring her two littles, Colella and Lily! I have photographed those girls a ton so I knew they were the right fit! So elite limo picked us up at 4am yes 4AM!  Allisonannestudios was off to Fox and Friends!  The girls were giddy the whole 2 hour ride and I apologized to the driver several times for the constant chattering of 3 little mouths so early in the morning lol.  Sandi from Twisted Oaks Studio met us there with her son Luke! As soon as we got there we headed right into make up and hair.  Julia made herself right at home immediately.  I am so thankful for Jackie snapping away as I concentrated on not only getting my set straight but getting Julia calm and ready for the spot!

These girls had a blast!

The Spot never went as planned (as television usually doesn’t) but I went with another secret mission.  PLANNERS! If anyone is following my second business venture it is weareladypreneur  so I brought several planners to hand out and when I literally delivered one to ainsley earhardt our host, and she tweeted it,  I about died!!

She was sweet as pie and I just loved her!

 So when we got back to the green room we felt there was reason to celebrate and I am so glad I came prepared with my clicquot 🙂 we toasted all things awesome!

You just never know where life will take you!

Until next time New York City!!! You have my heart <3



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